It’s been a while, crocodile.

We’re still here, just got bogged down in regulations and paper work :o(

Things we wanted couldn’t be done so we’ve changed our plans and layouts and we’re steering back to course.

The ground between the houses and the burn just couldn’t take the load. The soil has been there for more than a hundred years but it’s still just soil after all, we need rock to keep it standing.

The extensions that are already built are heading north and need to come down.

We can build it back in a whole new way though. Our engineer is designing a cantilever system to rebuild our little extension and we will replace the bigger one with a simple balcony overlooking the Dreel burn.

The old bakery has to go I’m afraid. It’s moved too much and it’s going to pull the rest of the building with it. As it crumbles we can see the many, many repairs it has had over the past 175 years to keep it standing. Quite scary really.

More news to come soon.